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Helpful Links

Here are some links general election links and several links to other Libertarian candidates mostly in Missouri, local, state, and national Libertarian Party websites, and plus information about Libertarianism.

What is Libertarianism? www.libertarianism.com
World's Smallest Political Quiz www.theadvocates.org
National Libertarian Party www.lp.org
Missouri Libertarian Party www.lpmo.org
Greene County LP greene.lpmo.org
CATO Institute www.cato.org
Mark Jones www.votemarkjones.com
Keith Rodgers www.voterodgers134th.blogspot.com
Tom Martz vote4tom.blogspot.com/
Kevin Craig www.kevincraig.us
Michael Badnarik www.badnarik.org
Greene County MO www.greenecountymo.org/web/
Springfield, MO Gov. www.springfieldmogov.org
Bois D'Arc, Dalton Range mdc.mo.gov/areas/ranges/a_dalton
Fair Tax www.fairtax.org
Immigration www.badnarik.org/plans_immigration.php
NAFTA SuperHWY www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=15497