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Thank you for visiting my campaign website for the Missouri Representative from the 137th district. The 137th district includes eastern Greene county and a little of Northeast Springfield. I was born in Texas and moved to Springfield, Missouri when I was a teenager. I have lived in Springfield for almost 40 years. Because of my tenure in the state, I feel I understand this area and the issues which affect our citizen's everyday life. I believe we can work together to make our district an even better place to live.

I am committed to:

  • Controlling illegal immigration
  • Ensuring personal property rights
  • Lowering taxes
  • Protecting our right to bear arms
  • Local control of educational funding and providing a quality educational system.
  • Working to make our district desirable for businesses to locate here and bring jobs to our community.
  • Continue efforts to provide affordable healthcare.

As your State Representative, I will focus on these issues. I will refuse to sit on the sidelines and allow our rights to be slowly eroded by our ever increasing encroaching federal government. I will keep the interests of our district in mind and work to build a community of growth and prosperity for everyone. With your support I believe we can accomplish great things together.

Best Regards,
Bill Boone

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